Song that reminds me of you the most



The song is about a person moving on from their old love and past relationship, and the person's doing just fine in their day-to-day life. But eventually, the feels something aching in their heart even though their life is okay. "That's strange, even so, and important place deep in my heart aches." The person then remembers someone's voice, and vividly remembers them calling the singer' (Luka's) name.

This was more or less what happened to me around late October this year. I was doing just fine for the past few months, but then all of the sudden I got sad for no reason. After a while, I thought of someone. There was like a voice calling for me, but I didn't know who it was. Eventually, I found out that it was you. It was your voice, and I missed hearing it.

The singer then remembers that there are still thorns in their heart, thorns that came from their past relationship. But to them, the thorns don't really mean a bad thing, the thorns are simply harsh lessons learned from the past. Hence the line "The thorns that should have disappeared are always piercing me, so I don't forget."

For me, I put those thorns in my heart, thorns tell me to never be mean to you, or mistreat you, or put you in great stress again. I learned harsh lessons from the arguments we had and they taught me to appreciate you more.

At the last part, the singer remembers everything. They aren't mad that they remember so many pain and struggles, but rather they are happy and contented that they had wonderful memories with the person. "From now on, always, you will probably continue to live inside my heart." They remember the happy times they spent together and says "In that time to which we can't return, our figures laugh without knowing pain." They want to go back to that time where they were happy and together, unaware of the problems that lie ahead.

These lines hit me the hardest and I cried a lot because of these. I remembered all the fun we used to had, how much joy I had being with you. I remembered the Skype calls, our Minecraft adventures, the weird stories we share to each other. I looked and the past and realized I didn't have it in the present, and my life was pretty lonely without you. As much as I try, I really can't erase you from my heart. Not romantically, but in a friendly way. You influenced me a lot and made my whole life a lot better. You made me smile when no one else did, and that's why you're special to me. I wanted to go back to the past to fix everything, but I know that it is a time in which I can't return to.

The last two lines are for you. "It's sad, without a means, we're seperated like this. But as long as these feelings are smoldered, we'll always, always, just be friends."

I know I won't see you for a long time, and we've grown distant from one another, and I accept that. Regardless of what happens, I still want to be your friend, always. "Smolder" means "to burn slowly with smoke but no flame" and it's a beautiful word to describe my current feelings for you. I appreciate the stuff you do for me now more than ever. What was once a childish feeling of selfish love is now just a feeling of appreciation and gratitude. I'm happy that you took care of me while I was young, and I'll repay that by always being there for you no matter what :)

The Scarlet Devil Mansion Books

These are the only remaining screenshots of the books you wrote to me back when we were playing in the Scarlet Devil Mansion in MelonMC.

Over the course of the summer, you wrote me a series of books and prepared an odd present at the basement of the mansion. After you stopped playing Minecraft and focused on your studies, I consolidated all of the books in one place and closed off all of the entrances to the mansion.

I visited our plot every now and then, especially during the times when I was depressed, just to read these books. What these books represent is special. They may be text on a screen, but they mean more than that. These books show that, at least in one point of my life, someone actually cared and loved me, even in a friendly way. I never had anyone send me notes or letters like this, and these are really heartwarming letters. Until now, they continue to serve as a kind of light to help me when I'm depressed or sad.

The Meloncraft server shutdown around 2015 or so, and the entire world data for the medium plots in creative haven't been released. I tried recovering them and pestering the guy around mid-November because I didn't want to lose those memories. Sure, they seem like pixels on a screen or bytes in some storage, but to me they're beautiful memories from a person who I care for dearly.

That's why they're so special to me.

Our life through a screen